HeartSine Defibrillator SAM 500P With Gateway Connected

With the Heartsine Gateway Program, you enable the Heartsine 500P to be connected to LIFELINKcentral for fast & easy management of multiple AED’s by a WiFi Network.

Central Management System – Manage & monitor AED’s across different locations from 1 central portal.

Self Monitoring – Weekly self tests (AED Readiness status), Pad-Pak Expiry dates, Battery status, environmental temperature, software & Wifi connectivity.

Automatic Updates – Heartsine Gateway tracks AED status and will automatically update changes on LIFELINK CENTRAL.

Email Alerts – Sends AED status alerts via email to designated program manager

Automatic Data Upload – Data upload automatically performed every 7 days, or when power button is pushed.

Separate power source – Powered by separate batteries (4 x CR123A) so will not drain AED battery


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